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Mr Irwanto T.

After applying the SprayWell repellent, mosquitoes and insects seemed to part ways  as  we walked through the hiking trail beside the dam. It looked like a force field around  us as we walked single file. Also used when gardening without mossie bites. 

Khaldon P. 

I applied  SprayWell on  only one arm  as a test during my recent fishing trip. The arm without REPEL had sand fly bites all over and the protected arm had only a couple of bites.

Dr S. Leng

I sprayed it on my N95 mask and have been wearing the mask for an entire week without any bad odour developing. Amazing.

Spraying Plants in Greenhouse


Antimicrobial Repellent Coating

Fumigates against mites, ticks, mosquitoes, flies, other insects and arachnids

Each Spray Stays Effective for 28 Days


SprayWell releases Antimicrobial Repellent Coating (ARC) for commercial spraying to fumigate and repel against fleas, mites, ticks, mosquitoes, flies and other insects and arachnids. SprayWell consists of all natural, biodegradable, food grade safe and eco-friendly ingredients with NO Withholding Period after application!  Each spray stays active and effective to repel bugs and eradicate bacteria, viruses and odours for 28 days.

Our SprayWell Certified Professional Applicator will apply using commercial fogger spray machine to coat animals and livestock, cages, walls and ceilings. 1Litre covers 15-20 square metres taking approximately 1minute per square metre without any outage or downtime. 

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SprayWell code name NWK A-FV
SprayWell Nanotechnology
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SprayWell code name NWK A-FV uses patented eggshell nanotechnology to encapsulate natural disinfectant oils. Using L'Chatelier's enthalpy principle to release oils effectively for 4 weeks or more, SprayWell protects and keeps protecting surrounding air and surfaces. 

"SprayWell Stay Well"


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