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SprayWell ARC

SprayWell Antimicrobial Repellent Coating (ARC) is the first all natural, 3 months long lasting antimicrobial spray that is safe for livestock and produce, to repel and continue to ward off cockroaches, lice, mites and mosquitoes. Using patented eggshell nanotechnology, composite essential oils are encapsulated into antimicrobial agents with slow release technology. SprayWell ARC also kills and continues neutralising germs, bacteria, viruses, mould, fungus and odours for up to 3 months.  


SprayWell ARC Technical Information (Code Name: NWK A-FV)

SprayWell ARC with active agent NWK A-FV is FDA approved as a microbial agent and tested safe for human contact. Using well known fumigant insecticidal and antibacterial properties of horseradish extract, SprayWell wards off insects and arachnids. 

SprayWell ARC should be applied using a fogger spray for maximum coverage and allowed 2 hours to dry and activate. Once it has been applied to surfaces and onto livestock, as temperature changes according to L'Chatelier's principle nano-sized oils are released to act on the surface and surrounding areas for 3 months of ongoing activity.

In randomised controlled trials, SprayWell ARC has improved growth and productivity by over 30% by providing a natural pest repellent coating on poultry and livestock reducing stress caused by mosquitoes, mites and other insects and arachnids. Other tests have shown to ward off insects and arachnids in sheds and barns for several months.