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Natural Antimicrobial Protection

SprayWell is the first all-natural, safe, long lasting antimicrobial spray that kills and keeps killing 99% of Corona and other viruses for 28 days. SprayWell eradicates 99.9% of bacteria, mould, fungus and odours; continues acting for 4 weeks. It is biodegradable and contains slow release nanotechnology to continue inoculating any germs and microbes on surfaces and within the airborne vicinity.   

SprayWell can be applied as a spray on to fabric like jackets, jumpers, school uniforms, workwear or to porous surfaces like curtains, sofas, blankets, pillows, ceilings and walls. 

SprayWell is tested safe for human contact, FDA Approved and TGA determined to be a surface coating with ongoing benefits.

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Dr S. Leng

I sprayed it on my N95 mask and have been wearing the mask for an entire week without any bad odour developing. Amazing.

Mrs Paull

It has removed the dog smell from the entire house and has remained odour free for two weeks and counting. 

NIH.GOV (PMC4586554)

One of the most well-established properties of cinnamon extracts, essential oils and their components is the antibacterial activity against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria responsible for human infectious diseases and degradation of food or cosmetics.

Commercial Application Service


Each Spray Keeps Killing Microbes for 28 Days


SprayWell is ideal for common and public places like schools, hospitality venues, retail spaces, work places, offices, public transport and vehicles. SprayWell is another key to reducing viral load and stopping transmission.

Our SprayWell Certified Professional Applicator will apply using commercial fogger spray machine to coat ceilings and walls taking approximately 15-20 minutes to cover 150 square metres. 

The venue will be ready for operation within 1 hour and certified as SprayWell  Protected for 28 days with sticker applied in bathroom or venue. Sticker contains QR Code that allows patrons to scan and read about how they have been protected.