SprayWell Pet Antimicrobial Spray 125ml

SprayWell Pet Antimicrobial Spray 125ml

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SprayWell is a safe, natural Antimicrobial surface spray for pets that cleans and continues cleaning surrounding air and surfaces of viruses, bacteria, mould, fungus and odours with long lasting effect.

SprayWell uses nanotechnology to encapsulate compound natural essential oils that has an ongoing neutralising effect lasting 28 days and up to 3 months.


    • Safe, all-natural, biodegradeable, eco-friendly nano-surface coating comprising of disinfectant oils with slow release technology to combat viruses and bacteria

    • Repels mites, ticks, mosquitoes and other irritants

    • Kills and continues killing 99% of Corona and other viruses, eradicates 99.9% of bacteria, germs, mould, fungus and odour for 28 days.

    • Tested to be effective for 28 days of continuous antimicrobial activity

    • FDA Approved, test certified safe


    1. Shake Well
    2. Spray on Pet blankets, cushion, mats and homes
    3. Allow 2 hours to dry
    4. Reapply every 28 days or after wash
GST Included